What running an ultramarathon taught me about business success

                                  Are you "going the distance"? 
Ashley Honey

I attended the ADPI Conference in Chicago last week right after completing a 100Km ultramarathon in 15 hours in California. 


The Nui Markets team, consisting of myself and Jeppe Jøker, attended the ADPI conference in Chicago last week. It was great to catch up with our existing customers, along with potential new ones, and to learn about all the recent trends in the dairy industry. As we establish a presence in North America and build on our success from Europe, we look forward to partnering with more and more businesses.

As most industry leaders can attest, a 3-day conference is a very demanding and draining experience. It begins in the early hours as you prepare for the day; attending industry lectures, meeting with clients and finishing late into the evening entertaining with industry peers. 

All the work prior to the conference, setting up meetings, preparing presentations and strategy is all the “ground work” that can help your business be successful. The “event” is the conference itself and is really the race day you have been preparing your business for.  I draw some parallels to the ultramarathon events that I participate in. The day prior to the ADPI conference I ran the Miwok 100km (62 miles) trail run in San Francisco’s Marin headlands. It was a very hilly course +11,750 ft of climbing but I managed to get the job done in just over 15 hours. Although I suffered at times during the day what really set my success was all the “ground work” over the previous months to help me get to the finish line.

I have come to believe that solid preparation leads to great results, it helps you combat  hurdles in the future that are almost inevitable, because life's like that! 

So I often ask this question to my customers, can your business really afford to wait and not put in the “ground work” to be prepared for how the future pans out? 

E-commerce is definitely a big trend which is already transforming the way you will be doing business. At Nui, we believe greater success lies in "going the distance" with all our clients. Nui is more than a software platform. We not only provide the technological solution, but our team of specialists also help our customers implement the system with a complete on-boarding program. Once they are up and running we are committed to their success by continuously investigating their progress—gathering user experience data to shape the parameters for each new update of the solution. 

Keep moving forward, that's the only way. 

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