Traditional vs Digital,  comparing dairy trading processes

       Being a former trading manager, I experienced a marked difference in           our sales process when we transitioned to the Nui platform. Here's my           experience succinctly summed up in an infographic.   
Jeppe Joker

Dairy Trading Today

Trading high-volume quantities of dairy can be a complex and involved affair. The time and effort required to create a trade can be very time consuming and means having to:

  • Gain access to the supplier
  • Signal interest in a specific product at a particular price
  • Reach agreement on price, volume and delivery date
  • Create logistics paperwork for delivering the product

This means that sales staff not only have to be well-versed in understanding dairy markets, price volatility and contemporary trading strategies, they also need to create purchase orders, track shipments, manage transaction information, manually create reports and basically function as a living customer database.

The Nui Way

A Nui Platform makes things simpler. Instead of reaching out via phone or email, a buyer can simply indicate their interest in the product by placing a bid on the marketplace. Or, there may already be an offer in the market, in which case they can complete the trade instantly. No phone calls. No emails. Just two clicks.

Nui’s API also makes it possible to have information from the Platform automatically extracted into buyer and supplier processing and logistics systems. This gives the logistics teams on both sides of the trade a leg up on transporting the product and means that the sales team no longer has to manually create the paperwork associated with the trade. This gives them more time to find new customers and to maximise their position in the market.

Notice how eleven steps in a traditional trading process are reduced to just five. 

DigitalvsManual_trading_process_comparison (2)

 Download the PDF copy of the infographic here.

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