Key Learnings from Nurture Change 2018

By Bruce Maunder on September 17, 2018

I joined the Nurture Change retreat to share, connect and grow with other business-minded leaders. Here are just some of the highlights over the weekend that I’d like to share with all of you.


The first day of the retreat opened with some really powerful talks. David Downs, General Manager of New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, gave an unexpected, yet motivational, account of his recent journey with terminal cancer as he shares how "You can't change your hospital room, but you can change your attitude."

New Zealand Professional Boxer Joseph Parker then talked through what it takes to be mentally strong, and what drives him to keep focused on the end goals when faced with set-backs.


On the second day, Lisa King from Eat My Lunch talked of the importance of distilling your business's goals into a simple statement that guides all of your decisions.

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Michol Dalcourt, Founder and Director of IoM Health, gave an in-depth talk on the value of body movement on your health, and how to form "habit-stacks" by starting with achievable changes.

Mavis Mullins, who headed the launch of 2degrees, highlighted the importance of investing in people and community, as well as the importance of being aware of unconscious bias.

The third day of the retreat didn’t disappoint as Cliff Harvey, Founder of the Holistic Performance Institute & Co-Founder of Nuzest, introduced some simple ways for busy entrepreneurs to change their daily routine to keep on top of their physical health, and focus on the mission-critical tasks on their to-do list.

Mike Beagley, CEO and Owner of Rodd & Gunn, gave some great insights into global growth, company culture, and planning for exit. With 117 stores around the world, and nearly 1000 staff, it was a very entertaining and frank talk. (You can tell that he has exceptional taste in clothes by the way.)


Dr. Michelle "Nanogirl" Dickinson talked about innovation in business, and gaining wisdom from failure. A great session, and fantastic work she's doing around New Zealand and abroad!

The retreat is still ongoing and so far, we’ve heard educational insights from these amazing speakers. Looking forward to more key takeaways!

Check out the photos below:





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Author: Bruce Maunder

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