Four Myths About Adopting Digital Technologies in the Primary Sector

        Going Digital with Your B2B Trade in Primary Industry—Part 3

Michael Vaughan

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, I discussed a few critical items you need to consider when thinking about taking your sales digital.  

Most people I speak to believe that the transition to digital sales is an intense multi-faceted project—they envisage a six-month planning period, followed by a three-year implementation process.

But this is not the case with Nui. Our implementation process is simple, straightforward and can be achieved in a matter of weeks. This gives your customers improved access to your products and increases the transparency of your markets.

All of which makes the lives of your sales team that much easier.

In this article, I will tackle a few myths about what taking your sales digital really means.

Myth #1: It’s an Expensive Investment


There is no upfront cost with a Nui platform. The only resource required on your end is the wherewithal to streamline the way you do business. Upfront cost to implement Nui = Zero.

A more crucial question, actually, is what will it cost you to not make the switch? If you aren’t looking at your digital strategy now, then you only have to look at some key examples from the B2C market to understand where customers want to buy. Across Europe we’ve seen the demise of the in-store experience as more and more people become accustomed to buying their products online.

People are moving away from traditional buying patterns. Why? Because buying online is quicker, easier and more straightforward. So why do we still act as if the B2B market is not going to develop in the same way? The companies that we’re helping go digital understand that in 5 years’ time this will be the only place to sell or trade. So how much will it cost… is entirely dependent on how you want to define what your future success looks like.

Myth #2: My Sales Team Will Resist it


Sometimes what seems like the most difficult question is also the easiest one to answer. Any salesperson in the world can’t wait to get their hands on any tools that will enhance their success. So really, it all comes down to demonstrating to your sales team:

  • A strategy for using the new technology
  • The key benefits
  • How it will be so much easier to move the more forward-thinking customers online.

Ultimately this will provide your sales team more time to search for bigger and better opportunities. A Nui platform gives your most important customers quick and easy access to product and delivery information, while at the same time freeing up your sales team to grow their customer base and reduce the risks associated with relying solely on these same ‘go to’ customers.

What if half of your sales team’s targets came in without them having to talk to a customer? I wish my job was that easy!

Myth #3: It’s Too Much Work


At Nui, we don’t just provide the technology, we also offer the strategic roadmap for your future digital trading success. Our on boarding process gives you a quick head start on getting up and running, but the most important point here is that you can determine your own implementation strategy. How quickly do you want to implement? How far reaching do you want your transformation to be?

Some companies might wish to go for the full integration suite—aligning their internal IT systems for straight-through processing. While others may just want to enhance their existing systems with an online platform that will augment and simplify your existing sales processes.  

It’s your call and this is all discussed upfront before you commit to anything. We firmly believe that our success is your success, so we aim to set everyone up to get the most out of this journey. We have a long implementation history to draw upon, so we can help guide you towards a path that works best for you.

Myth #4: Our Customers Will Take Forever to Get Used to it


When you were first directed towards a banking app did you object and tell your bank that you wished to see a cashier so you could transfer money from one account to another? Or did you just log in and appreciate how easy it was to do it yourself?

Once you make the platform available for your customers, why would you then ask them to phone you up and use your valuable time to do something which is quick, easy and convenient though an app?

There are many ways you can incentivise your customers to help with the transition. You may wish to have your best prices online or offer exclusive deals via the platform, but the key to success is that your customers’ see your commitment through consistent product availability. Keep your customers in the loop—in other words, tell them what you are doing, why you are doing it and how it works. This is generally all the incentive they need.

We have a lot of case studies we can draw upon to help you with this as well.

How Do I Make it Happen?

Simple—just give us a quick call. We often attend various conferences and events so we can meet up there or we can come and visit you. If you want to be all digital about it, we can even do a web chat with you! We want to support the primary sector with their digital endeavours and we believe that we have the best solution and people to help you with this. In the words of Isaac Marion “Wanting change is step one, but step two is taking it.”


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